Partnership with professional coaches and players

PJ Nolan
Professional Snooker Coach

I would personally recommend to every cue sports coach to have a Master Doctor Kit in his bag: it’s really useful  to help his students develop their game and good fundamentals.

Allan Taylor
Professional Snooker Player

The Master Doctor Kit is easy to assemble and to use. A tool that seems simple and yet nobody has developed it before. A great way to improve all standards of player.

David Horrix
Professional Snooker Coach

The Master Doctor Kit is a fantastic aid for the professional snooker coach and I would thoroughly recommend this product which is well

made and it works!

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Thomas Primon
Professional 5 Pins Player

Master Doctor Kit, the right way to work on your executive mechanics (cue action), perfecting them with the practice of this extraordinary tool.

Maurizio Cavalli
Official Eurosport Commentator - Historian of Billiards

Nice idea to extend the possibilities of  the NEW MASTER DOCTOR KIT in different billiard games. An easy-to-use product to learn the true secret of billiards: THE CUE ACTION!

Igor Figueiredo
Professional Snooker Player

I’m a professional snooker player and coach, and I can assure that my students have improved their technique with the help of this useful Master Doctor Kit! It really works!

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Michele Monaco
EPBF - FiBIS Official Coach

This simple and very convenient tool is really useful to improve the basic technique in every billiard specialty.  I recommend Master Doctor Kit to every American Pool player or coach.